Tuesday, March 9, 2010

to March Ninth,

blurry picture of the space right next to my bed. a magnet of the cherry blossoms, a Max Wagner postcard from Whitney, a quote I found in the bookstore my freshman year, and a calendar where I cross out the days until I am back home. 42.
Things I loved about you:
  • You are not March Eighth, or any of the previous days in March for that matter.
  • The perfectly warm and sunny weather
  • My family
  • General Tsao’s Chicken
  • My fortune cookie promised that my "life will be happy and peaceful."
  • Having a book I love so much that I get excited about free time
  • Running into Eric in the Dirksen Senate Office Building and having him say, "this badge is cool, see?" and then getting into a random hippie reception for... something about mountains...?
  • There was free food.
  • Going to a briefing with a senator who believes in the practicality of being a businessman
  • Jen Lee
  • Getting a letter, emails, and a voice mail that all say, “Britt, I love you."
  • My big red blanket from Esther

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  1. just a little fyi for you... the sun and birds vanished today and were replaced with wind and clouds and sleet/snow. it did not make for a happy kim.

    and does "back home" mean utah or here??


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