Monday, March 1, 2010

to March -

I took this picture around 4:00 in the morning on February 19th. I was up writing a paper about the founding fathers... These chocolates and diet coke (physical manifestations of love and goodness) were from Maddie, who proved to me that February love is real, and that even if you procrastinate your paper, caffeine will help you through it.
February had its high points – and they were really really high points. Actually, I spent a lot of time learning about love. Sure there was plenty of that bright and shiny romance you typically associate with February (yay V-day NYC), but I learned a lot about real love too, something I might even call “charity.” For that reason, I’ll miss February, but I'm glad you're here too. You, March, darling, bring me one month closer to April, who I’ve been eagerly awaiting basically since August. I’m excited for your St. Patrick’s Day Parade, college basketball, the cherry blossoms, long-awaited restaurant reservations, but more than anything I’m excited to be a mere 50 days away from going home.


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