Saturday, March 6, 2010

to my future roommates -

This is a delicious Pacman/pistachio cookie from a Persian bakery. Yesterday after a hearing, we needed to find a Halal place for lunch, and we found Yetka Kabobi in Rockville, Maryland. I ordered Shish Kabob that came with tons of incredible rice. SOOO good. Anyway, it is next to a Persian grocery store and a bakery, so I bought a bunch of cookies; these were my favorite.
I talk in my sleep sometimes. That should probably be embarrassing, but Hilary tells me I don’t do it very often, and that it’s mostly funny. Last night = not funny. I had bad dreams and I woke up screaming. Literally screamed and jumped out of bed sweating and crying, and then I was standing there, confused and disoriented, and my nose started bleeding. I think its because I have a sore throat and fever so, you know, rush of blood to the head. I hate being sick. Bad dreams.

Too much for a first impression? Well, I think it’s only fair you know what you’re in for.


  1. I can't believe you still do that! I can recall on our several sleep overs you talking in your sleep. I only thought it was funny the next morning, cuz waking up to someone wailing is not my kind of fun!

    Good luck to your future roomates! ;D

  2. you do talk in your sleep. and it is very funny. but bloody noses are not funny. remember my bloody nose story? bahahaa. now THAT is the only bloody nose story that i think i can laugh about. anyways, this was my way of saying i'm sorry you are sick.


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