Friday, March 19, 2010

To the person who turned my wallet into Metro lost and found:

Ended the day at the Jefferson Memorial
I have been known to lose stuff. You could say I’m a loser. So when I lost my wallet on the way to a briefing by Judiciary Square, I was pretty sure I had seen the last of that little green coin purse. I was all set on canceling my debit card, getting a citizen’s ID, letting go of the 20% off coupon, and metaphorically cutting my losses. But Paul just said, “Trust me a little; let’s at least go back and look.” I rolled my eyes, objected several times, and let him drag me back to the Smithsonian Metro. And there it was. The maintenance guy who picked it up teased me for being forgetful, and I went on my way believing, for the first time in years, that maybe people really are good at heart. So, whoever you are, thank you for returning my wallet and restoring my faith in humanity.


  1. oh britt. i love you. and just CANNOT wait until you get here.

  2. wow that's impressive! Congrats on getting it back.


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