Saturday, March 20, 2010

to the sunset,

picture from Paul
I saw a lot this weekend: The Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial (via the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, and reflecting pool), a lecture from an appellate judge, the Jefferson Memorial, a food bank, Eastern Market, BYU losing in the second round, the DC temple, the ends of two metro lines, a Tea Party rally on the Hill, an Immigration march to the Capitol, and seven episodes of Arrested Development. But you were my favorite thing to see. On the steps of the Jefferson, I watched your reflection in the Potomac and wondered why we haven’t spent more time together. I know I’ve seen you on accident over the years, but I think the last time I came to visit with the sole purpose of seeing you was in high school, five years ago. I was glad to see you tonight, and I promise you’ll be seeing more of me.


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  1. Yes, yes D.C. is great... now get your butt back here.


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