Monday, April 26, 2010

Downy Clean Breeze fabric softener -

This picture is from last week when I didn't want to get out of bed because my sheets smelled amazing.
When I moved to DC in January, as an unpaid intern, I knew I’d have to give up certain luxuries. I decided I could forgo stuff like juice, snacks, and nail polish for four months, but I’m still wondering why I included you on my list of “sacrifices.” I don’t know why I thought the $7.00 I saved in fabric softener was going to make a difference, but I never let myself question that choice's validity. I thought to myself, “No, you made this decision. Stick to it.” Well, I’m glad we’re back together again. Welcome back to my shirts and skirts and pants and delicates and socks and life. I missed you. A lot.



  1. I will de-lurk for a comment, because I thought this was really funny...and fabric softener really is a wonderful thing.

    It's interesting how when we try to save money, often it's through cutting back $1 buying orange juice from concentrate instead of fresh-squeezed, or $7 on fabric softener.

    I suppose it could eventually add up, but it's a lot easier to change big things, like live in an apartment that costs $200 less in rent, make do with only one car (or no car...obviously I'm speaking a bit from the married perspective here).

    Or, of course, fix the problem by finding a new job that pays better (sometimes overlooked as an option).

    But instead, we forego fabric softener.

    One day I'll let myself buy real butter. When I can afford it...

  2. I love how you color coordinate your books. It's so cute!


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