Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Bed,

Favorite stop on the way home.
My last bus home leaves the metro stop around 10:00. That means, no matter how much fun I’m having in the city (and there’s always fun to be had in this city), I’m usually home by 10:30. Anyway, for the last few days it’s been hazy and gray through the afternoon, and then at night there’s a thunderstorm. I love thunder – and it doesn’t rain here like it does in the desert. I ride home in the rain, change into my favorite sweater, and get ready for bed. My roommate, Bree, likes to keep our windows open, and all week I fell asleep listening to the rain and thunder. It feels so close to perfect, it might as well be.


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  1. that sounds amazing. I love thunder too. does that make me emo? we need to catch up--stat. miss your face.


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