Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elder Lewis,

The last time I tried to read The Problem of Pain was on this vacation in Vancouver in July 2008. The picture is of me, my sister Julia, and my mom on our ferry boat ride down the Columbia River.
I was planning on finishing The Problem of Pain on the commute home today, but a new friend offered to drive me home (love the metro, but I also love cars), so I finished it in my living room, over a bowl of tortellini. This would have been an amazing class to take from you, but reading it on my own was not my favorite. I’ve read the first half three times now because I could never bring myself to finish it, and too much time passed between readings to pick up where I left off. Well it’s over. And if you want to talk about it sometime, I’d really enjoy that. I would enjoy that more than reading the first half for a fourth time, anyway.



  1. Look at those beautiful girls!!! Love you guys!

  2. DANG I AM TAN! (but you can tell by the hair I'm an a boat) ;D

  3. Oh! You are currently reading my favorite book of all time: The Little Prince. I hope you enjoy it!


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