Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey Mom -

looking a little frumpy/happy from the rain. Siena looks beautiful/nine months pregnant.
I know you wish I would just write about what's going on here and stop trying to find the poetry and romance of the moment. So, for once, I'm going to do that. Today after work I ran a quick errand in Georgetown, and I met Siena in Adams Morgan to go to the Greek Festival at Saint Sophia's - it's kind of up by the National Cathedral. Nothing makes me happier than good food (we had spanikopita, moussaka, baklava, and gyros), and there was a live Greek band, Greek dancing, and a lightning storm that we watched from the steps of the Orthodox church. After that we went to Bethesda to watch a movie, and I met some of Siena's friends from Tajikistan. Then Miles drove me home since it was way past midnight and the last bus from my metro stop leaves at 10:00. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've ever had. It was poetic and romantic, and I can't help but feel I killed all that with this post...

love you :)



  1. I'm with your mom. For those of us who read your blog because we live thousands of miles away and like to know what's going on in your world, it can be very cryptic.

    But I suppose the poetic part is nice too.

  2. It's true - I do love to hear about your experiences. Thanks for sharing this one.

    For the record, I also appreciate your eye and heart for the beauties of life, and am grateful you have the ability to beautifully express yourself. I get it that you and Siena traveled through Greece together and now shared a lovely time remembering Greece and re-experiencing it 5000 miles from the Mediterranean. So there is beauty and poetry even in mundane posts:)

    Thanks for letting us share in your joy, and please feel free to continue to make your memorable experiences come alive for us. Memory does fade, and maybe one day, your own words will bring them to life for you too:)


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