Tuesday, May 25, 2010

President Washington,

Picture from Mary. The banister you can see around the painting in the picture? We got to go there. And then we got to go outside and look out over DC from the top of the Capitol. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures that included ourselves. In retrospect I see how stupid that was, but, you know, live and learn.
I wanted to write and say that it was an absolute pleasure seeing you today. When I give tours of the Capitol and I take the group into the Rotunda, everyone almost compulsively looks up to the painting of you. I tell them you were painted by Brumidi in 1865. I tell them it's a fresco. I walk them through some of the symbols in the artwork. Nobody ever really responds to that part, but people are always amazed by the bit about the Statue of Liberty. "If you put the Statue of Liberty at the center of the room, she wouldn't reach the top of the Rotunda. She'd still have twenty-one feet to go," I say. Well today, I got to go 180 feet above the floor to the top of the Rotunda (which you can only do with a Member of Congress escort) and see you up close. It was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done - thanks for being there for it.



  1. will you tell me what you're doing in DC now that school is done?

    other than taking over the capitol, of course.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! I am super jealous! Have you read Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol." If you have, you will understand the significance! Did you take pictures from on top of the Capitol looking at the Washington Monument? That would have been truly amazing!

  3. That is way cool Brit! Thanks for sharing.

  4. that is so cool! i never noticed the bannister before, or that it is really for people. that is amazing! what did the artwork look like that close up?


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