Sunday, May 16, 2010


for those of you who don't understand this post (Pfosty, I'm sorry...), it's because it's fraught with Friends references.
My favorite part of the day was at Eastern Market: the crab cakes, the cupcakes, sitting around that crowded table, talking about the good old debating years. The rest of the day at the monuments and Old Town Alexandria were perfection, but Eastern Market was like the girl at the copy center and a big tub full of jam. I loved seeing you and Jake leave the "high school friends" world and become part of my world out here. It was like, I finally understood what Lionel Richie's been singing about.



  1. haha! The mundane is good every once in a while, just so I still feel connected. But don't get me wrong, it would be pretty lame and not very "Britt" if you stripped all of the poetic parts all of the time.

  2. Ok, so your high maintenance. BUT....I like, maintaining you... ;)


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