Thursday, May 6, 2010

to all airlines everywhere -

New Zealand Air has a new cuddle class for couples and families with with small children.
I’m flying back to DC this weekend, and I've realized that our family vacation to Hawaii in August 2005 was the last time I flew with someone else. Since that flight, I think I’ve flown sixteen times – by myself.
SLC-Portland, Idaho Falls-London, London-Greece, Greece-London, London-Idaho Falls, SLC-Spokane, Spokane-SLC, SLC-Vancouver, Vancouver-SLC, SLC-LA, LA-SLC,Idaho Falls-DC, DC-SLC, SLC-DC, DC-Idaho Falls, SLC-DC, DC-???
Some people like flying solo, but not me. Would I rather stay home? No. I’m glad I took every single one of those flights, and I know I've been lucky to do all that traveling. But the next time I fly, whenever that is, or wherever I’m going, if it’s all right, I’d like someone to come along.

see what you can do,


  1. It means a lot more when you travel with family & friends, that's fer sher! Pick someone cute that you can cuddle with - that's even more fun! Love ya!

  2. I have the number of that Italian restaurant on Kauai where a cute water boy used to work. There are also several eligible gentlemen in Utah that love to travel...

    I like reading your posts.


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