Monday, May 17, 2010

to the angry man on the phone -

This was also the day I decided Alexander Hamilton is the most attractive man statue in the Capitol.
Also,this article in Politico validated disliking the crazies who call...
I don't even know what you were calling about, but you were so mean to me this morning. I hope the next time you call you are nicer. Please refrain from four-letter words, please don't yell, and please stop saying horrible racist things. In fact, please don't say anything mean about anyone (i.e. me, my boss, people who want to join the military, etc).


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  1. i'm sorry he was mean to you. but here is a great opportunity for laughter. i love people that are insane and get worked up over things that truly don't deserve the energy being put into them. this guy is so powerless that he's yelling at an intern on the phone. you have to admit, it's quite funny. one of my co-workers was cussed out more than we'd heard in a long time and when he hung up, he said, 'she just went gangster on my ass' and we all had a great laugh. anyway, i adore you and hope your day wasn't too bruised.


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