Wednesday, May 26, 2010

to the gentleman from New Jersey,

This is a picture of Representative Holt at a hearing... not today's hearing, though. I thought it would be uncool to whip out my camera phone and take a picture. Also, for those of you who don't know, at Congressional hearings, when the Committee Chair lets a Member question a witness, the Chair will say, "I will now yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from California," or whatever. I love that they say that, so that's where the post title comes from.
Today for work I attended the BP hearing for the Natural Resources Committee, and I wanted to thank you, Representative Holt, for your questions. To put it lightly, people were upset about the oil spill in the Gulf. I mean, furrowed brows, raised voices, clenched fists. After the committee grilled Ken Salazar for almost two hours, you questioned him. I couldn't quote verbatim, but you essentially said, "BP said this oil spill was unavoidable, but we're reading documents that indicate this wasn't unprecedented or unimaginable - it wasn't even unexpected." You used a kind of alliterative parallelism to prove a point, and the English major in attendance loved it. All day, the questions were insightful and thorough, but you and Representative Lummis were the only ones to utilize witty or clever language (she came up with alternative acronyms for the MMS). I appreciated the nuance and attention to detail.


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