Tuesday, May 18, 2010

to my favorite Pauls:

Mackenzie and Paul, who I love collectively more than I love any two people in the world. However this picture is, I think, on the bus to Gettysburg - back when they were an untapped resource of pure joy and music.
Dear Paul,
Last night I left my wallet on the bus. I know, I know – whatever. My initial plan was to not even bother trying to find it. But then I remembered that whatever your faults (old, conservative, inappropriate, etc.), you believe that people are generally good, and that being hopeful isn’t an automatic sign of ignorance. Anyway, a woman on the bus picked up my wallet, this morning her husband called my Uncle Paul in Midway, Paul called my mom in Idaho, Mom called my office, they emailed me with some contact information, and tonight me and Nate picked up that little green coin purse. Maybe all that would have happened even if I didn’t hope that it would. But since I did it without a prevailing sense of fatalism, I had another rewarding experience of trusting that things would work out, and they did.

Don’t be a stranger,
Paul and the fam for Roy Days 2009, the most under appreciated holiday in America.
Uncle Paul,
Thank you for taking care of me via the Puerto Rican man who called you about my wallet. I have your number on a Post It that Grandma wrote a few weeks ago when I came to stay at your place. It was wedged between a fifty-dollar bill and my social security card. I know, I know – whatever. That’s a stack of three pieces of paper that I’m really glad to have back again.

Love you,


  1. Glad everything worked out:)

  2. "Hope" is a loaded word... That being said, I'm glad it can be used for good :) muahaha.

    That wallet of yours seems out of control. Maybe it's time for a change. Other than yourself, it seems to be the only clearly consistent variable throughout all of these episodes. Since you can't change the former, perhaps change the latter? maybe one with velcro and a homing beacon.

    Also, I am stoked that Kenzie and I are, combined, loved more by you than anyone else. And boy has she been pulling her weight in that equation. Half the songs on my blog are directly because of her...


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