Friday, May 21, 2010

to Taylor, Kirby, and Page -

In this picture you can see the Nationals Mascot (his gigantic cranium really freaks me out) the whole section below us is Mormon, the Barlow kids are sitting to my right, and more Mormon kids are sitting to the left. Gigantic Mormon group.
I mean, I had plans for the night, but all plans come second to going to the Nats/Orioles game with you. I liked speculating on which people were our fellow Mormons, seeing the new Barlow kids, meeting your friends, and being freaked out by the Nationals Mascot. I especially liked when we got in Taylor's car, he knew exactly where I live, and then drove us there. He just knew where it was. Kirby just knew the fastest way to get there. I didn't have to know anything. So me and Page sat in the back, telling girly secrets, not knowing where we were going. I was so happy. Thanks again, see you tomorrow.

I love you guys.

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