Saturday, June 5, 2010


My favorite thing about this picture is the chili on the spoon handle. It communicates a few things about this meal, 1. I ate my chili dog like a child, with my hands 2. it was messy- there was chili on my face, in my lap, on my fingers 3. I couldn't be bothered to clean the chili off my hands as I ate my way through the fries, half smoke, and banana shake.
I think it was sometime mid-February that you and I were at Ben's Chili Bowl. Unfortunately we sat on opposite ends of the table, and you didn't tell me how delicious the banana shake was until we were back at the Barlow. Well, the Jazz festival is going on this month, and Burke and I decided that DC Jazz would go really well with Ben's chili cheese fries and a half smoke. I just wanted to tell you that I finally had the banana shake and it was incredible. You have, once again, proved yourself a reliable source of culinary wisdom. Call me sometime when you get a minute.

love you,


  1. You know I know my shakes. And I wouldn't rave about banana artificial flavoring unless I meant it.

    I wish I were there with you. With chili all over my spoon.

    Miss you. Talk to you soon.

    Love, breezy

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