Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coach Dan,

Literally the only picture I could find, and it's from an email batch of pictures from a tournament in March.
Today, for about 20 minutes, while we were doing progressives (my favorite of all the drills we do), I forgot that this morning I agreed to move to Syracuse, New York tomorrow. The thought of totally uprooting my life and doing something completely new in a completely foreign environment has been a nearly constant source of anxiety. So I cannot thank you enough for facilitating that singularly, blissfully ignorant moment, where I just played volleyball and stopped worrying about my life. I'm going to miss a lot of things about DC, but I think I might miss club practices slightly more than most other things.

thanks. you're the best. hopefully I'll be back to regular practices in July.


  1. What?! You're moving to New York?! Oh do tell!

  2. goodness, girl. i can't keep up with you. it's time for another chat!


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