Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Rental Car,

My little rental car parked in this adorable neighborhood where I went for a pool party.
There are some things that say, "Why yes, as it turns out, you are an adult." I think they're different for everyone - the first thing that said this to me was my Costco membership card. But you know what I'm talking about: having a baby, buying a theater, working for a job where you get benefits, or finally buying that Kate Spade bag. There are just certain things that make you feel like you've crossed the Threshold of Adulthood and left at least part of your youth behind. I can't explain it, I just know that when I saw you waiting for me in the airport parking lot, and I sat down to adjust your review mirror I knew things would never be the same. I've had my first rental car; I have you. And for a month I'll drive a car with New York plates.

So yes, as it turns out, I am totally awesome and also an adult.


  1. yes. totally. being miss egbert-- and then mrs. furness, selecting an insurance plan, and chaperoning dances and field trips

    way adultish

    congrats on the milestone, that's one i've yet to do

  2. buying a theater? i don't think i'll ever be an adult if this is on the list.

    miss you.

  3. I had a rental car booked once only for my trip to get cancelled...does that count?

    Actually I think my first real adult moment was when I paid my own rent for the first time this fall (yeah, I know, my parents spoiled me). And then I felt like a real adult for the second time when I finally paid for a pair of running shoes. Now I try not to pay for anything because every time I do it makes me feel old...

  4. this happened to me when i spilled something on the kitchen floor and walked away as always -- mom would clean it up and she wouldn't know which of her many kids did it -- then it dawned on me i was the mom!

    i know, i got married soo young.


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