Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Wisconsin,

This is Saturday night's waffle cone: toasted almond. Tonight's waffle cone was cinnamon oatmeal cookie.

I had no idea you were such a frozen-over treasure trove. You and I have never met, and until I moved out here, I'd never met anyone who claimed you as his home state. First I met Kim, who took me out to West Virginia. Then I met drummer Dan, who told me this story that instilled in me a desire to someday do something where I try to run as fast as I can, but don’t get anywhere because I can’t stop laughing. Then Max, the “All American” setter. Most recently, Dairy Godmother. She gave me the best darn custard ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life. It was so delicious that when my roommates suggested we go tonight before volleyball, I said yes, despite going a mere two days ago.

So thank you, Wisconsin, for all you have done to make DC a better place.


  1. Hi Brittney -- I have begun Dandelion Wine and am delighted it is his remembrances of growing up in Waukegan, a mere 15 or so miles from my own hometown, although I grew up there about 45 years late. Still, It is great fun -- thanks so much! and just so you know (said with that No. Wisc./Minn. accent), when you think of Wisc., think of Oprah and her audience -- not the beautiful, thin people I have had to live among. You may have found one of the reasons why.

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  3. Britt, I'm in Richmond all summer!!! How long are you in DC??? I should come up sometime!


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