Saturday, June 26, 2010

to the West

Road sign in Liverpool that is on the way to my friend Caren's house.
Sometimes in DC I would orient myself, and spend a few minutes physically facing you, just to spend some time remembering that whatever I am doing out here, there's a whole life I used to have a continent away, and there are people and places with you that helped me get to where I am now. Well, today I went to Green Lakes for a barbeque with a few people from church. I had a great time. There was good food, and I got to know people a little better, but afterward I realized that it was another instance where I found myself physically Upstate, but mentally in the Rocky Mountains. Discussions went on and on, but I kept thinking about the conversations I might be missing out on because I decided to move here instead of home. I know I've only been in Syracuse a few days, so a little nostalgia is probably to be expected, but I hope I can let go a little, and do a better job of appreciating the present for what it is.

Thanks for everything, but I need to focus on being out here for a little while -

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