Thursday, July 8, 2010

bloody knees

I try to be positive and blog about the high points from my day. Well, today had good moments (hint: sharing a French dessert in the dead of night), but I'm going to break from tradition and tell you about the low point of my day. Since I was a little behind schedule, I was running across an intersection in downtown Syracuse in my four-inch wedges. In the middle of the road, and in a moment of absolute grace and dignity, I rolled my ankle in a pothole and dropped like a rock. I tore up my knees, my wrap-around dress flew up, and the scalding hot pavement burned tar into my legs (it's still there). And this all happened in the busiest intersection in Syracuse. On other days, in another life, I would have cried. Today I just got up, and walked into my meeting with blood dripping into my shoes. I've been on emotional auto-pilot for so long that I just got up and kept running - it didn't even phase me.



  1. ah -- enjoy youth! only a youngun could do all that and get up and go on.

    high heels? pothole? rolled ankle? OUCH! and you only talked about the knee. when it was so much more! but the knee grabbed the glory.

  2. You are hardcore. Obviously. I mean, seriously, running to a meeting in high heels AND a wrap dress? That's some serious dedication. I hope your boss knows how awesome you are :)

  3. You and Bear Grylls have a lot in common. Maybe YOU deserve your own tv show.


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