Thursday, July 15, 2010


the sun rising as we left campaign headquarters
Tori reviewing signature statistics at 5:00 am
4:15 - go to sleep, sleep for 90 minutes

5:45 - get up, pack, shower, eat, check out
7:45 - go pick up circulators to drop them off at DMV and Farmers' Market
9:00 - drive to Rochester
10:30 - pick up Rochester petitions
11:00 - drive to Ithaca
1:30 - volleyball lunch
3:15 - pick up Ithaca petitions
3:45 - drive to Syracuse
6:00 - pick up Syracuse petitions
7:30 - pick up circulator and drive to Albany
10:00 - drop off circulator in Albany, leave for Ossining
11:45 - start calling people to stay awake in the car

1:30 - arrive in Ossinging, start assembling the thousands of signatures I brough with me
3:00 - start to wonder if I'm going to sleep tonight
4:45 - realize I won't be sleeping tonight
6:45 - finish assembling the petitions, go to hotel in Ossining (incidentally, on the drive there is Sleepy Hollow cemetary - and Bonnie - it is SO COOL)
8:00 - VIP breakfast at our hotel, shower, do some writing, payroll, etc.
11:00 - leave for Albany
2:30 - Press conference
3:00 - file petitions with NY state board of elections
4:00 - attend interview w/ NYY
5:00 - dinner at Jack's
8:00 - check into Albany hotel
9:00 - leave for Saratoga
12:00 - back to hotel


Friday morning. Will and Grace. Peanut butter. Writing.


  1. Your life is INSANE. Glad you survived it all. Congratulations on completing your job as a campaign director!!

  2. oh. my. hell.
    i can't believe you haven't slept in DAYS.

  3. umm... I just realized you pulled an all-nighter. AFTER sleeping for 90 minutes.
    I now feel like a total loser for threatening Brad every morning when he wakes me up.

  4. Oh my goodness - I got a shout-out. Pretty excited about this. And now I have to add this cemetery to my must-see list.

    Seriously, Britt - get some sleep. I'm glad you're in Idaho now so you can just not be running around all the time.

  5. this is the brittney i know and love. and miss.


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