Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Cary,

this is what I was wearing... I self-portaited this one because I feel like Whitney will want to know. I put my cell phone in a cup and then put the cup on top of my TV. It was a pathetic moment for photography and my personal dignity.
It almost goes without saying that today was the craziest day of my life - I feel that way every night. Anyway, today I had a few people working at a farmers' market in Clinton Square. I went to go check on their progress, and I decided to pick up a few pints of blueberries from an Amish vendor. As I was leaving, two girls walked up to me, asked if they could take my picture and ask me a few questions about style for a column in the Syracuse University fashion section of the newspaper. They asked "what is fashion," "where did I get this hoodie/that jacket/those jeans/those shoes," "what is style," "what is not style," and "what's my favorite trend right now." Now, it's not like this was the Sartorialist, and it's nothing have having an article in the Universe, but I still felt better about myself when it was over.



  1. Thank you for taking a picture. You were right. I did want to know after reading the paragraph.
    And that is an AMAZING moment in life.

  2. oh wow. good for you. this is one of life's moments. exciting.

  3. Look at you - having employees and being featured in a magazine. I'm pretty sure you're going places in the world and all of us will say, "I was on a Study Abroad with her" as if that made us special.

  4. Is that the link you were looking for? Because I don't get the correlation between an article in the Universe and the Ticket to Ride game...


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