Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Wegmans

You are incredible. You were the first place I went when I got paid. I bought hummus and pita, cookies, peaches, corn, yogurt, cheese, spinach, and I left a trail of cherry pits all the way from Binghamton to Syracuse.



  1. WEGMANS (no apostrophe is correct, believe it or not)! Awesome. So awesome. Eat their subs. I've heard (from my obsessed husband) that their pizza is also good. And their professional cooks answer all cooking questions - how cool is that? Seriously, if Wegman's were female and human, I would have been out of a husband before I even met him. Now, when deciding what we're going to do after grad school, one of our top criteria is that we must live near a Wegmans.

    Like I said, I think your life is cool right now and I'm glad we're friends.

  2. Dio guardi means either God watcher or guard or God in Italian. Just wanted to share my otherwise useless second language. Hope you're doing amazingly well.


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