Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nielsen's Grove Park,

Andy's band opened for Midsummer Night's Dream, which I hadn't seen since high school (miss you, Jesse and Kelli). Whit, here's a link to the Grassroots Shakespeare page, and here is the band.
It wasn't necessarily a conscious belief, but after four years, I was pretty sure that I had discovered everything of value in Provo. I didn't think I had "seen it all," I just figured what I was missing wasn't worth seeing. But this weekend Katie and I came to see you for a concert and A Midsummer Night's Dream and from the moment we met, I understood that even the most familiar places can have heartbreakingly hidden potential. I made an effort to see you every day after that because at first, swinging on the swings, smelling the flowers, watching the sunset, just being with you felt like an incredibly pleasant surprise. Now, to be honest, I feel a little robbed. Why didn't we meet sooner? And what else am I missing out on?



  1. You should totally follow She totally makes Provo sound like the most charming place to live. Makes me feel like I missed out on a ton even though I was there for 6 years!

  2. Daniel proposed to me in that park. I, for one, agree that it is a fantastic place to be!

  3. Oh spite! Oh hell!

    That was my favorite thing to say in that show. My favorite line: out sword and wound the pap of pyramus.

    Miss you too. :) I love reading about your adventures.

  4. Small world - my cousin Wayne is in Andy's band. And I went to high school with both of them. I think I was even in Andy's ward for awhile and I'm pretty sure my Mom works with his Dad. So...yeah. I love your blog. I hope you knew that.


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