Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pocket change -

I lost my credit card, which is fine, I just can't buy stuff. Anyway, I went to lunch downtown today and enjoyed myself so much that I stayed longer than I should have. As I began a 90-minute drive to Johnson City, I thought I should gas up before leaving. Then remembered, "Ah yes, you are running late, and also you have no accessible money." With half a tank to go, I thought I might just make it. But it was slightly less than half a tank. After 10 miles of the gas light pulsing on and off, I pulled into a Hess in East Syracuse, round up as much of you as I could find, and asked the service station guy to put $4.26 worth of gas into my car. Embarrassing.



  1. it always amazed me how much money i save when i misplace my debit card b/c it can be such a pain to have to use cash - especially at gas pumps and such... thanks for the preview posts. enjoyed them. everyone.

  2. do you remember when we drove to idaho together and almost ran out of gas. and i was an idiot and thought there was a gas station on that exit. nope at least we made it to firth safe! jeez. i'm glad it worked out for you!

  3. Wait, so you don't need money? Because I can help if you need. :)


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