Friday, July 23, 2010

The Blue Angels -

Me and Sam in our uncle's plane. I look a little bit insane. Sam told me that the green in my cardigan was like the crayon in the back of the box that no one uses because it's ugly. spring green.
Yesterday and today I went out to the airport to see you. My grandparents were there, my parents, my brothers and sister, and uncles, and aunt, and some other relatives, and then like 30,000 other people. Everyone was so excited - I couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty. In May, Nate and I saw you at Andrews Air Force Base, and I liked seeing you then, it was great, and I know I'm lucky to see you twice in three months, but I fell asleep today. Multiple times. Forgive me. We met a bunch of you after the show and you were all so nice, and you guys did some really cool stuff, but I'm sorry I just couldn't stay awake.



  1. a: I don't really get this... Is Sam your brother that was on a mission? How did you see him in May?
    b: That spring green link is a gift. Seriously. Next St Patricks Day I'm making pandan cake.
    c: I'm so glad you're unprivate.
    d: grego

  2. i saw the blue angels in idaho falls too! so fun!

  3. Ha! Spring green was always my favorite. The blue angels are TIGHT...


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