Sunday, July 11, 2010

to self:

This is like 2,000 signatures I'm getting ready to mail to campaign headquarters tomorrow. They have to be organized by region, then petitioner, then date.
There was a month of my life, let's call it "May 2010," when I slept nine hours a day, everyday, for almost four straight weeks. I hoped it would be a pattern that continued throughout my life, but this campaign has killed it. I wake up at 6:00 everyday - and I always wake up a few times in the night in a panic thinking I've overslept. I have my continental breakfast and work all day. Drive around (if I'm lucky, to Ithaca/Palmyra), attend meetings, mail stuff, make calls, hire people, schedule appointments, "work." Then after all that, we have a 9:00 conference call, and I can come home. So usually around 10:00 I get to do all the personal work stuff, getting packages ready for the morning, micromanaging my schedule, looking for upcoming events to send petitioners, sending millions of emails, and making sure I know where all my petitioners are working and for how long, tallying hours and signatures. That usually takes until about 1:30. And then I get my actual personal time - I'll spend about an hour reading, writing, cleaning, getting ready for bed, what have you. Then I fall asleep, out of sheer exhaustion around 2:30. And then, at 6:00 I do it all again. By the end of this campaign I'll barely be able stand or string sentences together. I just wanted you to be aware that this kind of lifestyle is just not sustainable, but I love it. I love love love it. I love it.



  1. Even when you're super busy you live such a cool life!

  2. My favorite part of this picture is the flag pillow that you've obviously added to the room. Of course.

  3. Is that the pillowcase Aunt Cari made for you? Too perfect:)


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