Saturday, July 10, 2010

Upstate -

First of all, it was a hilarious moment when I learned that, "Upstate" means "The entire state of New York except for New York City." Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with you toinght; since the Cayuga County Fair, I have been completely smitten. The darling food stands, fair games, vendors, demolition derby, and all the rides. I walked through the fair envisioning the roadtrips I'll take with my little future family. And for about 45 seconds I forgot that I was wearing the sweater I wore to bed the night before, that I still haven't made time to put on makeup today, that I haven't slept in a month, and most importantly that the next week of my life is going to make the last three weeks look like a Mediterranean cruise.


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  1. I freaking love county fairs. LOVE. I make Brad go to them, and even though they all consist of practically the same things, they're magic.
    Also, I wish I could be a special fly out to work with you... maybe be the peon who witnesses stuff.


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