Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Esther,

Esther and her darling nieces from our visit last week
I just finished lunch; I ate the Grapenuts I bought when I was staying with you. I had dishes because we stopped by Ikea on the way into San Francisco. The milk, brown sugar, and plastic spoon were from our late night run to Target. I’m sure I would have had something to eat today even if you hadn’t been here, but Grapenuts was exactly what I wanted, and when you’re new to a city and don’t have personal transportation, eating exactly what you want, when you want is tricky. The comfortable feeling of fulfillment never would have happened if you hadn’t taken such good care of me the last few days. Thank you. And Thank you for staying with me last night so I wasn’t alone in my new apartment – I had no idea how cold it would be or where Sarah was.


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  1. 1. I love that on your profile, your location now says San Francisco
    2. I told my friend I felt like it had been girls camp all week at my house (good thing--I LOVED girls camp because I loved the people there)
    3. I did cry on the way home a bit and I was sad to come home to an empty living room.

    I miss you and am so happy for you and I'm tickled all it took was a trip to Ikea and some Grapenuts to make you feel at home.


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