Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear MoleskineCity Notebooks,

The first time I wanted to reach for a San Francisco Moleskine was at TacoBar with my dad (parenthetically, I think my family should move here – I really miss hanging out with him). One of the many things I loved about that place was the Spanish flashcards they keep at the table while you wait for your food. Also, I can’t tell you how much I love Mexican food, and I am so glad I’ve started ordering quesadillas. The second time was at Louis’ with Andy. It’s this little diner where the food is straightforward, but the view is phenomenal. Really breathtaking. That’s when I though, “Shoot son, I might actually have to mentally keep track of important stuff – bleh, I don't want to do that” then “I guess law school is perfect for me!”
Ever since Whitney had a London Moleskine, I wanted to live in a place where I could use you. I had one in DC, and I used it to take notes in church, I wrote down every good restaurant I went to, I mapped out my favorite parks and boutiques, and in the back I kept all the addresses for my favorite people. The problem is, and I should have told you sooner, I just moved to San Francisco without you. It’s been a little over a week, and I constantly stumble upon these moments where I really need you. I need a place to write down a great vintage store and this awesome olive oil at the Sacramento Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately, like the sideboards for my bed frame, I’ll just have to order you online and hope you get here soon.



  1. five things:
    1: I know what "el abogado" is because when I took Spanish one, my buddy would help me practice/study and he wanted to go into international litigation at the time and be a lawyer.
    2: If ever I am moving, the first thing I do is check if there's a Moleskine for that city. If there is, I get even more excited about going. If not, I start praying that the city doesn't suck (Dallas totally deserves a Moleskine).
    3: When I moved to Napa, I bought a San Francisco Moleskine. Unfortunately, I only went into the city three times. Even more unfortunate, I actually wrote in it those three times so I can't just send it to you.
    4: Are you getting one?! I have a feeling your Moleskines are a treat. Please hurry and purchase one.
    5: Please.

  2. ooh, i want to go to the great vintage store! i'll help you remember til your moleskin comes.

  3. OMG! I forgot you know ANDY!


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