Monday, August 16, 2010

little Brittney,

crappy picture where you can see the amazing purple explosion of flowers right by my window. they're right above the air mattress and seventeen obligatory blankets. San Francisco is freezing.
I start law school in the morning, and I’ve been thinking about you. People keep saying how hard the upcoming year is going to be, and I believe them; I’m terrified. But then I remember that you’ve had some low points, and it’s not “fun” but if you’re kind and work hard, you make it through them. Also, I know you think the soul-crushing sadness is permanent, but Derek’s right: Somehow, impossibly, you won’t feel like this anymore. It won’t hurt this much.



  1. oh britt
    this is a hug from me to you!
    good luck tomorrow
    i know you will be amazing
    and i will probably brag to my
    friends about my brilliant friend
    who is going to be a very successful lawyer
    best wishes to you!

  2. Good luck, my dear! You will be amazing and do wonderful things. Much much love and prayers are being sent your way!

  3. Good luck on your first day of law school! You are going to be incredible - don't you even worry! I love the room you have and the beautiful flowers. I hope San Francisco is treating you well.

    p.s. The skirt is from H&M.

  4. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. Thoreau

    Missing you today, but so proud of you for working so hard to earn this opportunity. Have a great first day of law school:) Love you!

  5. Brittney Horman = hardest worker, most ambitious, prettiest, smartest, cleverest, nicest, most adventurous person I know.

    Good Luck! Here comes the sun.

  6. Today is your day! So excited for you, my friend. And love the flowers.

  7. Please say you bought a pink laptop and are planning on carrying your dog in your purse to school. My dream in life is to be Elle Woods, and you are the closest I've come to it...

  8. San Francisco is awesome, but yes, the weather is weird. I, of course, live on the east coast, but we visited this past March. I packed us very cool weather clothes thinking it would be cool in that city. When I was about 10, I had traveled there with my parents and remembered freezing in July! However, apparently it is very warm in the city in the Spring and cooler in the Summer months because of the wind coming off the bay. Still, it is an awesome city and lots of beautiful things to see. I recommend taking a drive over the Golden Gate and going the short distance up to Muir Woods. That place is just heavenly and peaceful! :o)


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