Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In semi-related news, people here are inexplicably kind and generous to me. Even though I don’t join them when they invite me to their various smoking breaks. Even though I just drink cranberry juice on the rocks when we go out. Even though I’m funny in the morning without coffee. people keep buying me stuff and offer me unsolicited research advice (I’m reading a book in this picture that someone just told me where to find. “oh yeah, that assignment, let me show you where the statute is.” And I know, I know, I need to learn how to research, okay, okay, whatever. I am.). People really take care of me here. It’s nothing like the cutthroat version of law school I heard about.
Every graduate student needs a vice. I think the obvious choice is something like “alcoholism” – but, you know, that’s hard when you don’t drink. Then there’s the universal student vice of “procrastination” but that was the hallmark of my undergraduate education. I’ve been told that’s it not necessarily the vice you pick, it’s the manner in which you execute it. I’ve also been told it cannot be something one might misconstrue as a virtue (i.e. “loving people too much"). It also can't be something that might be considered a vice under normal conditions but is actually virtuous in law school (i.e. "incurably antisocial"). This whole quest, of course, rests on the assumption that I don't already have a wealth of personal imperfections to draw from. I need a new one. So I’m outsourcing this to you. You’re brilliant. And funny. So I totally trust you. You can get Stephen’s input too, but you get the final say. Whatever it is, for the next three years, I’ll do it – I just need to get started asap.

thanks in advance.


  1. This my dear, is just how I picture you...cute, nestled and focused into a book with volumes of thoughts streaming into you...brilliant!

  2. Buy a lovesac. It's my grad school vice, at least. Worth every penny, let me tell you!

  3. Ok. After a day of deliberation and consultation, I've got it. I filtered through options like you wouldn't believe. Of course at first it was hard not to project my own personal vices, and my initial reaction was "Diet Coke. Duh." But I would hate to risk your health. Further ideas ranged from buying a gold fish, to skinny dipping, to lots of hip-hop with synthesized beats and really bad rhymes. Stephen suggested sweat-pants, and when I told him most women wear them when home alone, he looked horrified. Anyway, we both agreed that your vice should be as follows:

    For the next three years, you are going to watch and follow, religiously, a really stupid television show. I might even make it more specific and say a reality show. My reccomendation, the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. You probably just puked. But you're going to love it. You're going to watch it knowing full well that it's ridiculous. That it's edited. That the feelings are disgenuine and that everyone is in it for the money. That said, you are going to let yourself get attached. You are going to care about the individuals and their overdramatized plights. You are going to buy magazines claiming to reveal secrets about the given season. You are going to call me and tell me all about it. Once a week you will turn off your brain, turn on the television or computer, and let others think and feel for you.

    * No cheating. You can't claim that Frontline or Planet Earth or anything of the like is stupid. Cops = stupid, Jersey Shore = stupid, Discovery Channel= out of the question.
    Also, if you need more than one, there really is nothing better than a diet coke after a long day.
    All our love.

  4. haha, oh i love you. and i think meg came up with a doozie...

  5. I'd suggest the films of Clint Eastwood. More of a religion than a vice, but hey, that's just semantics.

  6. I have to agree that this is not what I was imagining law school to be at all! no tearing pages out of books. giving people incorrect answers. people are SO nice, it's ridiculous. ridiculously amazing, that is.

  7. Join the club...the cranberry club. Tribute to Jay.
    The Erie Canal doesn't look that, how you say, eerie.

  8. I vote for a vice that includes the word " noncommittal."

    Ps. Thanks to your direction and guidance I enabled this feature on my bloggity. Oh, the powers of the interweb.


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