Saturday, September 18, 2010

to the Castro Theatre organist,

Someone offered to take this picture for us (he could see we were struggling) and we said, “Oh, thank you so much!” but what I really wanted to say was, “We live here. We’re not tourists – I know what this looks like, but we live here. noyeahthanksIjustwantedyoutoknowthatwelivehere. totallylivehere. Thanks.”
I was at the Charlie Chaplin retrospective tonight, and I wanted to thank you for your opening performance, but you left before the end of the show. My mom plays the organ, and organ music was ubiquitous in my childhood, so thank you for bringing a piece of that to my weekend. I moved to San Francisco a little over a month ago, and nothing in this city has made me happier than listening to you wind your way through silent film classics like “Blue Moon” and “Summertime.” We snacked on strawberry Pocky Sticks from Chinatown, and I could not stop smiling. I just could have kissed the top of your little bald head.

I’ll see you again soon,


  1. can i come next time?? looks like fun! i like you two a lot. just sayin.

  2. The Castro? Isn't that where all of The Gays live?

  3. aw, silent movies. so fantastic.

  4. Goodness! This looks like it was an awesome experience. So cool!

  5. your sweater is so freaking cute.


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