Sunday, September 12, 2010

to the Pacific Ocean,

I don’t do many interesting things during the week. I study a lot. I guess I read interesting things, but that’s different. To battle my debilitating study schedule, I promised myself that once a week I would go out to dinner, meet a friend for lunch/dessert, and do one thing that I reminds me I live in San Francisco. This week we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin. We listened to this on the way back into the city… “I got left by a girl that I adore.”
I spent a few minutes looking out over you tonight. I understood that I can’t see past the horizon right now, but I know something’s out there. And I think it might be awesome.



  1. I love this. Love you, love Charity, love that you're friends with Charity, love that you live in San Francisco, and love how much faith you have in the future.

  2. my face made it's debut on your blog! yes!!! i like you!!! that place was pure magic.

    p.s. i also really like jen lee.

  3. What a cute picture! Britt, your outfit is so cute.

  4. oh my goodness! this world is too small! charity eyre and britt horman! my worlds are colliding!


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