Saturday, September 25, 2010

to the woman on Haight Street playing the Spanish lullaby

A) Beautiful day in San Francisco B) the view from the student lounge.
Yesterday I had to carry a few of my books home (contracts + criminal law + legal research and writing = my bag weighed thirty pounds more than usual), so I decided to take the bus. While I waited at the stop, the setting sun warmed my shoulders, the wind ran its fingers through my hair, and you played in the key of D-pressing. You and I never made eye contact, we didn’t talk, but listening to you play was the most meaningful human interaction I’ve had in days. So thank you for being there.



  1. I hope the grades are not playing D and i really hope if anybody is running fingers thru your hair and pressing or leaning on you they are prepared to meet the other end of my shot gun...

    and do have a nice day...:)

  2. You write so beautifully. And your Dad is as hilarious as ever.

  3. In love with the new look.


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