Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You, et al.

And to clear up some of the “cryptic”, et al. = my co-workers and ward in Arlington, my employees and branch members in New York, and colleagues and roommates in San Francisco. Also, I love the solstices and equinoxes. This badge is from my internship on the Hill.
On the first day of spring I walked to the Lincoln Memorial and decided to take a second internship in DC. That hopeful, equinoctial decision led to the most adventuresome, complicated, transient, and uncertain six months of my life. On this first day of fall, I remember the fireflies, strawberry shakes, a Nats game, a borrowed GPS, a few sleepless nights, the Finger Lakes, turning onto I-80, and General Tsao’s chicken. More important than all those things and places, though, I’m writing to say that I wouldn’t trade those six months for anything because I would have given up the chance to be close to you, Dear.



  1. I will add myself to that list of "you" so I can feel like I took part in all those cool memories... even though I do things that are... much less cool.


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