Tuesday, October 12, 2010

contracts class -

This weekend I read my Contracts homework at the beach because it seemed like an awesome idea. As it turns out, reading your Contracts homework at the beach IS an awesome idea.
These are the reasons I love you:
  • You are so easy to understand.
  • Your rules make sense.
  • My professor is hilarious.
  • He reminds me of someone who made me happy before law school.
  • My book is brand new, so everything in it is mine: no crazy, drunken, color-coded highlighting, no odd comments or phone numbers in the margins. It's just mine.
  • Everyday in class there's a metaphor for the way we should interact/communicate in non-contractual contexts.
  • no cold calling
  • He gave us the way to brief, so "surprise" questions actually help me feel like I'm getting into substantive law.
  • iClicker questions
  • Classes are only an hour.
  • It's the best hour of my week.


  1. what a great life you lead! miss you!

  2. jealous.
    minus the needing to be smart.
    wait, i'm jealous of that too...

  3. All i can say is I do hope you can get that smoke smell out if your clothes before you wear them in class...


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