Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kenzie -

Me and Mackenzie met in DC, and this is the only picture I can find with the both of us in it... We're the last two on the right side. And that handsome man in the middle is Matthew. Yes he is really that great of a lady's man. For more pictures with Kenzie and me in San Francisco, check out her blog here
Please don't move. Please. I know my air mattress isn't everything you've ever wanted, and that Berkeley is a bit of a commute right now, but instead of moving? Please just stay. If I had to pick (which I don't), I would say my favorite part of you being here was last night, after meeting up for Little Chihuahua burritos; I liked going home to eat chocolate cake and lemon bars while we watched 30 Rock. But the ice cream trip and subsequent nap this weekend were really good too. And playing "boff, kill, marry" with Barlow kids. And I liked that you came up to campus and took the bus home with me tonight. All that said, I really do hope you find housing close to your new job. If "hope" means "the exact opposite of hope." Please don't leave.



  1. I knew I was never enough for you.

  2. I like #17. Loved that about Chicago too:)

  3. Whitney and I were just talking about how cute your hat is in this picture.

  4. I want to pull a Cinderella "So This is Love" on you, but I feel that it's a little passe. Anyway, I love that you let me sleep on your air mattress and that we were both introduced to the phrase "fruit blind" at the same time. We're makin' memories here.


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