Sunday, October 24, 2010

whit {2} -

Meg and Stephen were in town for a wedding, and we went to brunch. I love them, and when I grow up I want to be exactly like them. This weekend was so much better than last weekend. plenty of sleep, a walk to cure cancer, eagle scout bar mitzvah cake, fancy dresses and dancing, art shows, incredible pizza, the Giants game, shopping downtown... when I treat San Francisco like I'm on vacation here, it's awesome.
You just won 1 million dollars. You have to spend it all in one month. No investments allowed. It all has to be gone in one month. What do you buy/do?


Pay and pre-pay for law school. Briefly scan houses in the DC area, just in case. If I find anything cheap enough, buy it. If not, hire someone to plan a small (but awesome) dinner party in Mumbai. Because I’m in the mood for Indian food. Important details: Private venue, A nice new dress for the party, Live music at dinner, Ice cream for dessert, Pre-dinner elephant riding, A small (but awesome) guest list.



  1. meg cut her hair! it is adorable.

    and i love the dinner party in mumbai idea. i've been craving indian food myself.

  2. Meg's blog is one of my absolute favorites. Such a great couple.

    Britt-you're awfully creative in you spending of a million dollars. I think my choices would be more prosaic.

  3. You are so cool. And your spending choices are fantastic and respectably concise.


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