Monday, October 25, 2010

whit {3} -

in depressing news, Mackenzie moved out. On her last night on the air mattress, we went to Bi-Rite and up to Delores Park, just like we did on her first day here.
Please share your most embarrassing life moment.


Setting aside a really terrible cold call my first week of Civil Procedure, one time in Good Stuff I fell off a barstool. In a dress. And the restaurant was packed. The place went silent. I would spend more time making this a great "story," but even thinking about it makes me want to die. Page and Jona were there, and they were both so embarrassed for me, not coincidentally, that was the last time I saw either of them.



  1. I LOVE your dress!
    Falling off a barstool at Good Stuff? Yikes.
    My dad always tells me about the time his law professor humiliated him in front of the class for a good 20 minutes. He said it was awful, but it was the best thing that could have happened because he was never afraid of getting called on again. He and the Professor later became good friends. Anyway, that story reminded me of you.

  2. Yeah, Bi-Rite, I totally remember that.


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