Wednesday, October 27, 2010

whit {5} -

I have a small announcement: Glee and I are no longer fighting. We avoided each other for months, but at the beginning of the semester, my friend from school invited me to watch it. And instead of thinking, "Ugh. I hate Glee." I just thought, "Oh my gosh I would LOVE to hang out with you Jackie!" Even in the first season, I only watched Glee because I loved the people I watched it with. It was a scheduled hour in the week where we could be together. It was a means to an end - same thing is true in the second season. Last night for the Rocky Horror Show episode we had pizza and Halloween cookies and I was so happy. I'm glad Glee is back in my life. #ThereIsaidit.

If you could be awesome at any one thing in the world (like painting, public speaking, roller skating, snowboarding, etc.), what would it be and why?


Time management. Yes. I know how boring that is. But (bonus) if I had that, I’d make time to develop otherwise mediocre talents. More interesting answers to this question would be baking, photography, piano, volleyball, and writing.



  1. Ok... So I watched two episodes of Glee... the Britney one and the one that this is from (is this from the Britney one? Then the duets one was the other one).

    I have to blog this, but here's the gist of what I feel about Glee:
    - That guy, WAY hotter once you watch the show. I'm in love. Before watching = unattractive.
    - The girl singing this song? I CANNOT watch her sing. It's painful. She moves her mouth/face weird.
    - The black girl's got PIPES!
    - WTF with the teacher loving the other teacher lady who loves the dentist but he left his wife for her?!
    - Why do the cheerleaders wear their uniforms EVERY DAY during football season?
    - I feel like they are the sexually active band geeks with the way they're all hooking up with each other...

  2. Britt I don't have time to watch TV this is what I DVR. I watch on the weekends. I am a Gleek.


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