Friday, October 22, 2010

Whit -

Whit tagged me. It's raining in San Francisco today - in part for the Giants, in part so I can listen to this song.
If you had to choose between being an awful speller or awful at math, which would you choose and why?


I would be awful at math. Because my future career = being good with words. After that last sentence, I may never need to use an equal sign again.



  1. But how will you calculate how many hours you billed, or how many 6-minute increments you've worked in one day? I guess that's what secretaries are for :)

  2. I mean... assumed "counting" wasn't really part of "math" but you make an excellent point. in which case, I'll just be in house counsel for someone. bypass that gigantic mess of crap.

  3. a: I love you. b: you should get an accountant if that really happened. ;)


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