Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Family

This is my family. They picked me up at the airport last night. true story: in addition to being family, we're all friends. besties. and I love them for that.
I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and new.

{and also me}


  1. I want to cry this is so wonderful! I love you being happy.

  2. so...i was actually just thinking about you as well. in fact, i was about to comment your facebook when i thought to look at my blog comments...weird. But there was the happiest blog comment ever and it was from you. and i love you. and i was wondering where you went for Thanksgiving. were you in Idaho Falls? I was in Blackfoot. Did I miss you? I hope not. Can I see you soon? I hope so. Clearly it is 6:45 in the morning and this comment is making absolutely no sense. but i want you to know how happy and fortunate and thrilled i am that we are friends. you are the best!!!! :) meow.

  3. When did you become the short(-er) one in the family?


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