Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Mexican Food,

I love sleepovers with Mackenzie. Last night = dos tacos, a phenomenal view of San Francisco, Sleepless in Seattle, wonderful/cheesy/girly texting conversations... oh and then I kissed all prospects of happiness and joy goodbye for 19 days. it was the most action I've seen since Billy was a hero.
Law school has pushed me to the limits of my physical and mental abilities. For this very reason, in addition to a whole lot about contract law, I've learned about my priorities: the people, places, and things I love enough to make time for. As it turns out, Mexican Food, you are one of those things. I always answer your calls, I always text you back. Even when I know I don't have the time, I always make plans see you. Because I love you - and I never want you to question that.



  1. That picture kind of looks like she was flipping off the camera and you blurred it out.

  2. I know of some good mexican places here in Utah. You should come visit and I'll take you. Come this week.

  3. Oh, I'm thinking of you Britt. I hope you live past this week. Remember that you are wonderful and brilliant! I love you. See you Sunday.


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