Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Phone,

I lost my phone for a few days. Like four. I found it in my coat, which was in my locker at school. If you called or texted, I'm sorry, I'll get back to you later. This rug is from Urban. I already say this phrase to myself every time I leave the house, but the rug may help.
Nice to see you again. I've left you lying around campus more than I'd like to admit; at least six or seven times this semester. Somehow you always get back to me. Sometimes they call home (thanks, btw, to my sister for taking care of that), or turn you into the Registrar's office or the Library lost and found. I though you were permanently lost this time, so I'm glad you're back.



  1. Me too! Yeah! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! We are in a blizzard here. Literally. The counties have stopped plowing because it just drifts over again immediately. And yes, it's true that almost the only highway currently open in this valley is I-15 south to Utah but we are going to take it tomorrow to come to the airport to get you! Safe travels:)


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