Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This picture was taken October 2009 right after I took the LSAT. Basically... I came home, crawled into Hilary's bed, and burst into tears. I was so tired, so drained, so happy that it was finally over. and then we went to lunch with my dad.
One thing I love about law school is that I get to learn about interesting stuff that isn't "legal." Trade secrets, Geronimo's bones, whatever. Last week for my torts class I read about a guy who was diagnosed with LeFort factures – he literally broke every single major bone in his face. Professor Magee’s take away from the case is about contributory negligence, but I also learned A) there is a name for when you break every bone in your face and B) don’t drive drunk. This is the kind of stuff I would tell you about if we still shared a bedroom where I sat in bed reading, and you sat on the floor painting. One of the things I don't love about law school is that you aren't here to share stuff with. I miss you. Please move.



  1. This picture is adorable of you two! And I might just have a clue where it was taken! Love you girls!!

  2. This picture is adorable of you two! And I might just have a clue where it was taken! Love you girls!!

  3. okokok imagine this: I take the LSAT, stressed that I probably failed it (you know how that goes), I'm driving home just wanting to sleep and cry and laugh and -- i was just a mix of emotions, AND THEN my car breaks down. really!? yes really. my car broke down. I sit there crying because, really? all I want to do is shove my face with food and relax for the first time in months, but no. no relaxing yet. moral of the story: I should've realized THAT stress was so insignificant to the stress I'm feeling now and will be feeling in just a couple weeks. oh, law school. just a barrel of monkeys.

  4. Brit - you're amazingly, impossibly, atronomically DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! K - I dunno if those big words worked or not, but you get the drift. You're beautiful! I love you!

  5. oh, i miss us! i miss listening to all of the things you would read about, and answering your question of what was the best thing that happened today, and watching you run around the room trying to find another sock (which probably didn't match :), and having you crawl into my bed to share secrets, and hearing footsteps coming up those rickety steps which would lead to a door crashing open and very high pitched "Hil!"
    oh, i miss you.

  6. I miss both of you. And that awful tree looks verrrrrry familiar. You girls are darling! Britt- I'm looking at jobs in San Francisco. FYI.


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