Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Signor Vivaldi,

this is a picture of Lizzy that I stole from Facebook. She is incredibly talented, and I love her.
Last night I went to a Baroque concert at the Conservatory of Music that my friend Lizzy was in. Sure I was also memorizing Torts case names (the flashcards are small - it wasn't disruptive) but I wasn't in the library and the company was excellent. And as I listened to one of your Sonatas, I realized I had forgotten how much I like doing stuff. So thanks for reminding me about life outside of law school. There's 33 days left in my first semester, and my first final is on Friday. I think now I can go back to doing nothing but school for 33 days, but that was a really wonderful break. Thanks.


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  1. I'm so impressed by how much you study. I need you to make me a study plan and convince me to care about law school. Also, when it comes time for me to take the bar I'm going to need you to tell me everything I missed when I was watching tv instead of doing my reading. I'm just letting you know so you'll be prepared :)


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