Monday, November 1, 2010

to the Giants,

This is the intersection of 18th and Castro. They just shut the whole block down. I walk past a lot of clubs and bars on the way home from campus. Last night, that walk was crazy. Everyone emptied out into the streets. My friends from LA thought there were going to be riots. One of my friends brought in his garbage cans because he thought people were going to start lighting stuff on fire. Apparently that's how it's done in Southern California... Anyway, I could hear people cheering and honking in the streets for hours after the game. It was great.
You probably could have given the city a chance to sober up between Halloween parties and victory celebrations. But whatever. You are, quite literally, the best. Thanks.



  1. Stop it right now.
    You CANNOT become a Giants friend.

  2. Yay, go Giants! That's neat that you were there, I had to be all the way on the other side of the country, bummer. Nice picture.

  3. 1) You didn't really act like it was great when it was happening...
    2) There were riots. Wazzup SoCal.
    3) That's funny. This city is incapable of sobering up. Hey! it's 11:00 on a Wednesday, let's celebrate by getting high/drunk!

  4. Brittney! I saw David Sedaris on The Daily Show yesterday and he was HILARIOUS. Figured you should know. He told an awesome joke, too. It's too long repeat here, though, so we'll have to telecommunicate sometimes soon!


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